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Happiness A Positive Addiction

Happiness – it starts with you, and ultimately it’s happinessup to you, but ther are ways of approaching life to facilitate it. You can start the addiction and commitment to positive living and, in so doing; you will receive the natural consequences of that commitment – which are joy, purpose and love. These commitments to a positive life style will lead to your feelings of happiness. . . This book is a training manual as to how to overcome the programming of these early years. It provides a way of regrouping, to take back control of your destiny, and to ultimately achieve a sense of completeness and integrity.

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The Laundry List

Serenity seems to be very hard to come by for many of us. There seems to be some basic misunderstanding that humans seem to have which inhibits them from enjoying “what is”… The laundry list is a way of waking you up and helping you stay aware, like a committed meditator’s daily practice.

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You are Already Perfect

perfectIn You Are Already Perfect! Dr. Garett shares insight and logic culminated by Zen masters to help ease and ultimately bring comfort.

$ 12.95 plus shipping

Relationship Styles and Patterns

relationshipRelationship Styles and Patterns, reveals the essence of relationships. Take the quiz and discover your Relationship Style!

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Julio and Schwartz – A Brooklyn Friendship

julioIn his novel Julio and Schwartz A Brooklyn Friendship, Ken tells a story of personal growth, admiration and friendship, spanning thirty years.

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