I’ve been seeing Dr. Garett for a few months now.  He has been extremenly helpful in working with me through some tough issues.  Some are current situations and some are early childhood trauma issues.  I find him to be extremetly empathetic, patient and on point when I ask for candid advice.  You’ll be at ease and he is wonderful to work with.


I very highly recommended Dr. Garett. After just 5 sessions, my husband and i felt almost like newlyweds again. The best part is that we just don’t fight anymore, and it’s been almost 8 months since our sessions. I feel like I’m seeing a whole new side of my husband, and I love it. We are very grateful. He has checked up on us twice since our counseling sessions, so it seems like he really cares how we’re doing.
– Susan

Dr. Garett helped me through many dark hours in my life and was attentive, caring, and gave great advice. My experience with Dr. Garett has led me to suggest therapy to many of my friends. Without Dr. Garett’s guidance, I would not be here today. I still imagine his words of wisdom when I have to make decisions or struggle with conflicts in my every day life. I would recommend him to everyone I know.


Dr. Garett’s office hours are really flexible — he has worked with me through some of the busiest weeks of my life, when I feel like I am a whirlwind coming through his office — and he’s really accommodating when it comes to insurance and payment plans.  I’ve had some pretty terrible experiences with other therapists before, and I feel absolute relief I won’t have to go through that scary process of finding a good doctor ever again.

– Stacie

Dr. Garett was really, really helpful.  My husband and I were having issues and seeing him for several months got us communicating better and got our marriage back on track.  He is very nice and handled the difficult task of making us aware that one of us could benefit from doing things a little differently (it was generally me, sigh)  with great tact – that’s no small achievement because I go on the defensive pretty easily.

Dr. Garett does more than just listen, he actively guides you.  I’d highly recommend him for anyone looking for a couples therapist.

– Julie

Finding a good psychologist hasn’t been easy.  Time and time again, I have either been disappointed or underwhelmed, and I almost gave up the search altogether.  When Dr. Garett was referred to me several months ago, I thought I’d give it one more shot.

I went to my first session with very low expectations, assuming this experience would be like all the others.  Boy was I wrong!  Dr. Garett was instantly credible and I found myself revealing things to him that first day that I’ve never told anyone.


Dr. Garett is honest, empathetic, and a true master in his field.   His approach is far more conversational than the norm.  Like many in his profession, Dr. Garett is a great listener, but like so few, he is a brilliant adviser.  His no-nonsense, nonjudgmental, give and take approach to therapy is a breath of fresh air.  I look forward to working with him for many years to come.